The Virgin Islands Taxi Cab Commission is a semi-autonomous agency of the Government of the Virgin Islands. The Commission is composed of nine members appointed by the Governor and is charged with the responsibility for the continuance, further development, and improvement of taxicab passenger service within the Virgin Islands and the overall regulation of taxicabs, taxicab companies, and taxicab associations. Our goal is to ensure the best possible passenger service for residents and visitors.




The Virgin Islands Taxi Cab Commission oversees the operation of the automobile-for-hire industry in the territory. This includes issuance of automobile-for-hire business licenses and vigorous enforcement of laws, rules, and regulations that governs the industry. The Virgin Islands Taxi Cab Commission’s objective is to ensure the delivery of safe, courteous, and consistent taxi transportation services that will enhance our tourism product, as well as serve the local community. We will continue to work with all areas of the tourism industry to facilitate and support their efforts.


Virgin Islands Code

Download the relevant section of the Virgin Islands Code that governs the Taxi Cab Commission.