As Lieutenant Governor of the United States Virgin Islands, it is my pleasure to welcome and invite all new and returning viewers to this interactive website of the Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission. This website was created to make your travel experience more convenient by providing the information you need for reputable ground transportation services in a comprehensive and user-friendly environment.

In these beautiful islands that we often refer to as paradise, we share our history, talents, culture, and cuisine, in a delightful atmosphere of joyful and proud people. Our taxi service operators know our islands and will extend themselves in a highly professional standard to insure that your time spent in the Virgin Islands was memorable and worthwhile. This website is an extension of the services that are offered through the Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission. Utilize it to explore the islands, obtain fares, and schedule your taxi and tour experiences.

I also welcome taxi operators who will utilize this website to coordinate their services with customers. I commend the Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission for its progressive approach to providing essential services to customers, making the total Virgin Islands experience a visitor’s pleasure.


Osbert E. Potter
Lieutenant Governor