It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission (VITCC) website, which promises an informative and engaging experience. Charged with the responsibility of regulating taxicab passenger service, the VITCC serves as an important resource for drivers, passengers, residents, and visitors to the Virgin Islands.

The website is intended to provide all stakeholders with valuable information to facilitate their transportation needs and to meet the requirements of the industry. As part of the frontline of the visitor experience, taxicab operators have a duty to uphold the professional standards set by the Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission.

A storehouse of information on the rules and regulations of the industry, the website provides operators with access to comprehensive materials to better serve passengers. Information on fees, fines, procedures, etiquette, required forms, and the operator’s handbook are available. I encourage taxicab and tour operators in the Virgin Islands to utilize the many features and services.

To our residents and visitors, I welcome you to visit the website, specifically the passengers tab, dedicated to informing you on the applicable rates and charges for taxicab service in the Virgin Islands. Ensuring an overall pleasant and professional customer experience is a priority of the VITCC. Providing this information to passengers helps to ensure that set rates are adhered to and customers are knowledgeable of fares for their respective destinations.

The Virgin Islands has so much to offer. Each island is unique with great sights, food, shopping, history, and culture to explore. As you take in all the beauty that exists, and as you traverse our islands from East to West and North to South, I trust that you will discover something new and breathtaking and that you will allow the VITCC to be a part of your experience time and time again.