SarauwWelcome to the Virgin Islands Taxi Cab Commission (VITCC). The commission is tasked with providing safe and reliable transportation for Virgin Islands residents and the many visitors that step foot on our shores. This site contains information for the riding public and automobile-for-hire industry professionals. You can find publications, forms, news, rules and regulations, and more right here. Our number one priority is ensuring travelers are well informed about their traveling options and have an avenue to be vocal about their experiences. Passengers can file complaints, compliments and report lost property, as well as view information about licensed services, rates of fare, and their rights.

The Virgin Islands Taxi Cab Commission was re-established in 2007 by Act No. 6968 as a semi-autonomous agency comprised of a nine (9) member board appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Legislature of the Virgin Islands. However, organized public travel has been an asset for the territory long before 2007. Humble beginnings with horse-drawn carriages have evolved into a bustling industry that includes 2,000 territorial taxi operators spread throughout the three islands. Taxi operations also work in tandem with dollar safari rides, expanding the public transportation infrastructure.

The taxi industry in the Virgin Islands works under a professional and standardized structure enforced on all three islands. Taxi operators are well versed in the territory’s history and culture and provide customer service with island charm. To find out more about VITCC, or to review the agency's procedures, rules and regulations, and programs, you may review the constantly updated information available throughout this website. We thank you for using our many services as a means of getting to your destination. Enjoy the ride!

Levron Sarauw Sr.
Executive Director