The Virgin Islands Taxi Commission has approved the use of CARICAB for drivers to have the ability to take credit card payments from passengers. CARICAB turns your smartphone or tablet into a Digital Dispatch that will send you Passengers locations, when they request a TaxiCab ride. When the driver accepts the ride requests and picks up the passenger, the driver is paid automatically once they drop off the passenger at their destination. 
CARICAB also easily allows drivers to take credit card payments for any passenger that requests to pay with a credit card. The driver simply taps the credit card symbol enters the credit card info and hits the “Pay Now” button. 

Applying is easy and takes 5 minutes to Register as a driver on the app!

Download the free app from the App Store of your choice by using these links below.
To Register, you will need your:

  • Drivers license
  • Registration card
  • Insurance Card
  • Taxi Medallion Card(operators badge)
  • A FirstBank or Banco Popular Checking Account (you will be asked to enter the Routing number and Account number)

You can find Video instructions of how to Register at this link below:

Here is a video of how to easily take a Credit card payment. This is useful if you have a passenger in your cab who can't pay with cash:

This next video shows you how the uber like functions work. This allows you to always be available to get an alert from the app telling you where the pickup location is, how many passengers, how many bags, and where the passengers want to be taken. You then go pick them up and drop them off and the payment is automatically deposited into your account once you tap the "End Trip" button:

Here at this link you can find other tutorial videos showing you other features of the app. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at