Taxicabs are one of the options for getting around the Virgin Islands. Before getting into a taxicab, make sure the vehicle and driver are licensed. The information below will help you identify licensed taxicabs and drivers. These tips will also help to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride.


As a for-hire passenger you have the right to:

  • Outstanding service.
  • The driver taking the most direct route unless you request a different route.
  • Be transported without fear or refusal.
  • Be discharged at their precise requested location when the fare is accepted or agreed to.
  • A driver who knows and obeys all traffic laws.
  • A radio-free (silent) trip.
  • Smoke and incense-free air.
  • A receipt upon request for the fare charged.
  • A clean passenger and trunk compartment and vehicle exterior.
  • Be transported in compliance with the standards set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Make sure that the driver is registered and the vehicle is licensed. For-hire drivers in the Virgin Islands must hold a valid Virgin Islands drivers license from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, a valid Taxicab license, and a valid vehicle registration in order to provide service. 

The license plate on all licensed taxis will have either St. Croix Taxi, St. John Taxi, or St. Thomas Taxi followed by a 4 digit number. The driver's picture and registration number is displayed on the inside of the vehicle on the dashboard or driver's side visor.


Taxi operators must be courteous to passengers at all times. Taxi operators must be clean and neatly attired at all times.

All taxi operators must adhere to the Taxi Cab Commission's Rules and Regulations governing taxi operations while on duty. Taxi operator, while on duty, may not refuse any passenger unless the passenger is intoxicated and disorderly, or in possession of a pet or animal (other than a seeing-eye or service dog) that is not properly secured in a kennel case or other suitable container. There is no charge for service dogs.


Taxi operators must adhere to the published rate sheet for each island. No taxi operator or organization may set any special rates without the approval of the Virgin Islands Taxi Cab Commision. Any taxi operators found exceeding or undercutting the official tariff will be cited for violation of the tariff rate schedule. View the tariff rate schedule for a full list of all fares in the Virgin Islands.

Special Rates/Surcharges

Round Trip Fares Double the one-way fare plus waiting charges.
Wait Charges $1.00 per minute; First five minutes are free.
Radio/Phone Call The fare plus one-third of the basic fare.
Midnight - 6:00 am $2.00 per person surcharge
Exclusive Ride Any person requesting a taxi exclusively for themselves shall pay the rate charged for four (4) passengers.
Hourly Rates

The hourly rates are based on island, number of passengers, and vehicle size. View the tariff schedule to determine the rates for your island

Sightseeing Tours

The rates for sightseeing tours vary by island. View the tariff schedule to determine the rates for your island.


There is a flat rate of $2.00 per bag for each passenger. The rate for items greater than 30" x 20" shall not exceed $4.00 per item. The rate for large kennels is $30.00. The rate for small kennels is $20.00.

View a full list of additional charges and special provisions.

    Complete the Taxi Complaint Form to submit a complaint or compliment about a taxi driver or tour operator.